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Hai I am 20 years old now,and emm I am blog users since in age 18.So the page will look like verry childish.Well you know..


Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm in confuse

First of all,assalamualaikum.

Almost few month I didn't ngeupdate blog :) Blog is where i treat as my diaries but everyone are pleasure to view and read(Hanya yg terpilih je haha)Okay,firstly syukran Ya illahi sekarang dah sem 6 almost kepada final sem.Well age can change everything like attitude,study level and the way you think.Overall is change etc dress up,we talk and discuss.semuanya lah!trust me its fact =)Alright sayangs,that is not the point.Lets start on what i have to begin.

Duhh,in few month i dont know why with my feelings.its confuse me till i dont know where to start.Seriusly,saya sayang pasangan saya.Couple since in age 18 its almost 2 years,then berfikir balik umur makin meningkat n all what we need is plan for the next chapter.I realize kita tak boleh keep stay di takuk yang lama,soon kita dah melangkah a real life.Kita merancang tapi tuhan yang tentukan I know that.Tak usaha tadelah jodoh.I try change myself to better and hope so u'll do the same too darling.

But few days,I started think seriously pasal religion.Our Islam.What Islam have told and teach us?Mana ada bercinta dalam islam,kalau berkenan terus taa'ruf .Then kalau masing2 setuju its better nikah.Why Islam teach that,because want us avoidance from maksiat.True.I know my knowldge bout Islam are quite low and thats why I need someone supported me in this world and hereafter.Someone yg expert pasal Islam agar tak terus tenggelam dengan keindahan dunia ni sampai lupa tangungjwab like kawan and so on lah.What should I do,we almost 2years together.I do really really n yeaahh you know.huuumm

So what am i gonna do? i'm in confuse o_o